Christmas Wishlist for a Newsie

1. A good pair of gloves that are fashionable and warm, but also let you use your phone. You can find that here.

2. A portable charger that you can have out on the field incase your phone's battery goes low because it will when you're working all day. You can find many portable chargers on amazon for a good price here.

3. Wireless keyboard for your phone when you transcribe or write your scripts out in the field. You can find this here.

4. An iphone tripod for those Facebook lives you do out in the field. I like to put mine ontop on my camera and twist the legs around the camera handle. I think it looks better than doing a selfie FB Live. You can find that here.

5. A transmitter belt is a must for the MMJ that goes live all the time! You can find that here.

6. Daytime planners are great to have! It is so hard to keep up your schedule, so writing it down helps. It's also a good idea to have stand by ideas that you can have or use on a slow day. Here.

7. Lipstick is always a great idea. It's nice to have lipstick at all times because you never know when you will need it. You can find the perfect large Christmas set of lips sticks at

8. Magnetic Wall Key Holder to keep your keys at your desk. Here.

9. Warm Slipper Socks are the best for winter nights! Anyone can stay warm on those cold winter nights, thanks to these super-soft and comfy socks.Here

10. Clinique Workout Makup, this makeup keeps skin smooth, radiant, and makeup-ready for a quick workout.It's great for a reporter who doesnt have much time to hit the gym before or after work. Here.

11. Tech whipes are great for out on the go. Here.

12. Make Up Organizers are nice when we are always on the go. Here.

13. Air Pods or wireless earbuds are great when out in the field. I used mine to go live and they are perfect without all the wires. Here.

14. A charging dock for your desk. I have an Iphone and an Iwatch so it's nice to have a charging station for both with not to many cords. Here.


15. A bag for your go bag. Every reporter needs a bag to keep an extra pair of clothes in for just in case moments on the job. I always love Vera Bradley bags because they are light weight and durable. You can find those here.

16. A good bottle water. My reccamendation is a Yeti or a Swell Bottle. This delightfully colored bottle features a textured outside so it won't slip out of your grip. It keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12. I know I don't drink enough while on the job so this is perfect for me. Here.

17. You can't go wrong with a cup of coffee or a coffee maker. Here.

18. A pair of flats that a reporter can change into after the heels start to hurt. You can't go wrong with a pair of Tieks They come in every color. They are leather, super comfortable and roll up into a ball. You can find them here.

19. Slow internet? The ANEWISH Wifi Adapter plugs right into your USB port to strengthen your signal and speed up your connection. It even comes with a feature that lets you create a mobile hotspot for your devices, so you can work on your laptop wherever you are making it especially great for travel. Here.

20. For those unfortunate wine stains on your favorite business shirt, there's the Janie stick spot cleaner. It's a portable stick made from all-natural clays that soaks up any stains on clothing, even while you're wearing it. It's also got a built-in brush to scrub away stubborn spots.Here.