How An MMJ Can Make It Through The Winter

Being a reporter in the north can get pretty tricky especially when it comes to winter. Here in Montana, it seems like winter never ends and there are weeks where it doesn’t go above 10 degrees. So this can cause a problem for a MMJ reporter who has to go live outside and still dress cute. So I am going to list off tips for MMJ’s who have to deal with the cold and the snow while on the job.

  1. My first tip is to make a winter go bag to keep with you at all times in the news car.

  2. Know how to drive your newscar in the snow. If you aren’t use to the snow like I wasn’t it's important to learn when it first hits. You should be ready for when it gets bad during the middle of the winter.

  3. Wear a good down coat. You can wear whatever you want underneath. The important part is to be warm so you can do your job. I usually wear cute sweaters underneath because dresses aren’t the warmest.A longer coat or jacket is really nice in lower temps.

  4. Always have hats and scarves in your winter car bag. I like to have a lot of hats and scarves so I can mix it up. TJMax is my best friend when it comes to finding hats and scarves for a good price so I don’t always look the same on air.

  5. Lots and lots of handwarmers. I usually bring a good amount on the job just in case. You can put them in your gloves and shoes.

  6. Bring poney tails, because snow and wind are a bad combination with long hair.

  7. An extra pair of clothes is nice to have in your winter car bag. This may seem tedious, but if you get wet from the snow it is hard to get warm. So having an extra outfit can really come in handy when you find yourself in a bind.

  8. Food and water for just in case moments. When driving in snowy and icy conditions anything can happen. You never know if you will ever get stuck in the snow or need something to get you through the day.

  9. When you are on air you don’t want to have the same jacket for every live shot so it is nice to have different color or styles. I found lots of different styles of jackets go on sale in the spring or you can find good prices online or even on Black Friday!

  10. Bring snow boots! That is a must.

  11. Ski goggles are always good to have I know it sounds silly but when there is high winds and snow it can be hard to see anything when you’re shooting video. If you have goggles you don’t have to worry about snowflakes getting blown in your eyes.

  12. Tech gloves are nice so you can still use your phone and work without having to take your glovs on and off.

You can find good warm jackets on sale here are a few I found.