Finding the Bleu Horses of Montana

As Thomas Merton once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

I truly believe that being immersed with these beautiful horse sculptures I feel that quote.

These 39 steel horses overlook Montana’s highway 287 over the hill, three miles north of Three Forks.

Montana artist Jim Dolan created the stunning group and donated the sculptures to Montana a few years back. He finished creating the whole herd in 15 months.

Although the horses stand eight feet tall from the shoulders, they look as natural as a herd of wild horses. This is how the artist intended them to look. On his website he says he banded the horses together in small gatherings, just the way horses naturally socialize, it takes a second glance to realize they’re not living, breathing animals. That’s because Dolan understands perspective. He understands horses. And he understands how creating Blue Horses will add to the natural beauty of the area.

From the road, they appear painted blue with slits of black or white paint, casting shadows and a three-dimensional oddity. We see a patch of nature run artistically amok: manes and tails,4,000 feet of de-braided polyester rope, blowing in the prairie wind. Heads relax on movable ball bearings. But as one looks closer at the shading, the forms and the scale and perspective of the sculptures, it makes one think more carefully, more cautiously, about the scene of its making.When it comes to taking pictures of the steel horses it's cool how the steel changes colors in the light. So my weather kept changing while I was on the hill so I got a deep blue when it was misty and more of a silver when the sun came out!

This is for sure a must see if you are driving through Montana.

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