It's Important To Make Friends Wherever You Go

The reporting life can take a toll on your social life. You move from one city or town to the next and most places you go you don't know a soul. It can get pretty lonely if you don't make friends.

I lucked out, because I have some pretty awesome coworkers in my Bozeman station. The nice thing about having them in my life is they understand me. It's hard for some people to understand the long hours, bad shifts and the rollercoaster of emotions.

I'm super blessed with this good group of people. I don't think I could live here away from my family and friends if it wasn't for them. It is very important to have a good support system.No matter where you go or what you do. They're there for me with laughs, they've got my back no matter what and they know me sometimes better then I know myself. We always have a good time even in the bad times. The best way I can explain it is that we are a very close nit family and I couldn't ask for a better Bozeman family.

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