Don't Be Afraid To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

How often do you try something new? Every year? Every month? Every week?

Likely, the answer is "not often".

I don't know about you, but I feel like standing still makes my brain rot. Period.

Moving to Montana I have had no fear when it comes to trying new things like ice climbing, ice fishing, skiing, eating bugs and jumping in a small plan flying over the mountains. I am so glad I did those things beach each experiences changes me and shapes me into the person I am.

That's why I want to encourage you to try something new.

Keeping abilities, experiences, likes/dislikes, views and beliefs constant stunts our growth as individuals. The familiar becomes too comfortable and starts feeling like it is the only way life can be.

Just give a thought to who you admire most, the people you find interesting, intelligent and insightful. I guarantee they do not follow a predictable routine in thought and action, and if they do currently, it's not likely to be for long.

In my experience, the benefits of continuously increasing my willingness to try new things are numerous.

With every new opportunity, I may:

  • Find I like things I never thought I would.

  • Develop new friendships that can introduce me to even more new and exciting things.

  • Adopt a new hobby or practice that helps me develop additional skills and abilities.

  • Identify other less valuable activities or things that I choose to remove from my life.

  • Increase communication with others by way of wanting to learn and share my discoveries.

  • Seek out the thrill of discovery more often over time because there is very little downside.

  • Turn one or more of these things or experiences into a part-time or full-time occupation, which would never have happened had I not ventured and tried it.

And best of comfort zone is forever expanded because once I have tried something, it's part of my frame of reference, forever. I believe it works in a similar fashion for many of us.

Advice for fellow reporters:

As a reporter you can't afford to say no to an experience, because then you could miss a really cool story and an opportunity to take your reporting to the next level.Be courageous and have fun!

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