Pizza Delivery Goes Wrong

Bozeman is usually a pretty quiet town when it comes to crime, but we do have the occasional crazy crime. On a Sunday night a Papa Johns delivery man went to an apartment complex to deliver a pizza around midnight. The person who originally ordered the pizza wrote down the wrong apartment number. So the pizza man knocked on the wrong door. The old man living in that apartment complex then opened the door and pulled a gun on the pizza man because he hadn't ordered a pizza. The pizza man was lucky to get away and the older gentleman was then arrested later that night. So that was my story that day. I was asked to find someone who lives in that apartment complex to get reactions from this incident. So I had to knock on all 30 something apartment doors hoping someone will answer and will be willing to talk to me on camera. Ten doors down and no one was home at the time. The next door was an apartment of college boys. I asked if they would talk to me on camera and they said no, but then invited me to party with them on a Monday.... I said no and moved on after being rejected multiple times. I made it to the last apartment where I met let's call him Max. Max was a very tall guy completely covered in tattoos and answers his door in just boxers. With only his head peeking out the door I talked to him about the incident and asked him what his thoughts were. He told me that he couldn't believe that happened. I asked him if he would talk on camera with me and he told me he was too hung over. I then worked my reporter magic out of desperation and got him to agree to be on camera. He went inside to put clothes on and meets me at his front door. I set everything up get the camera ready and start to ask him questions. During the end part of the first answer I see his face turn green and he completely throws up all over the place in the middle of the interview. On my stick mic and all over the tripod. I still to this day, do not know how I dealt with the throw up because I have a super weak stomach when it comes to that. He apologized and then came to the realization that it was him and his buddies who accidentally ordered the pizza to go to the wrong apartment.

These are the kind of stories that you really can't make up and no one prepares you for these moments they just happen. I learned that any story can be unpredictable and you just have to roll with the punches. And in case you were wondering, Yes I did end up cleaning and disinfecting all of the gear and yes it was terrible.