St. Patricks Day Live Craziness

You never know what could happen when you go live that is the beauty and nightmare of the ability to go live anywhere anytime.

My live shot gone wrong was recorded by a viewer. She put it on Facebook and in days it had over 60,000 views and over 700 shares. Soon enough the local radio shows were talking about it. I can only laugh at it, because it was my first live shot in Butte, Montana on St Pattys Day. What I learned from the craziness is you just have to roll with the punches and try to stay composed. Even if you have a man undressing himself behind you, boys who are yelling inappropriate words in the background and alcohol being spilt everywhere. If I can make it through a day of this craziness I can make it through anything!

If you would like to watch the funniest moment I will never forget here is the link.

This article from a local radio station describes the experience to a tee, but puts the wrong name in it.

My only tip for future reporters is make sure you have help in any situation like this. If I didn't have my nightside reporter to move the camera and direct me. We would have seen more on TV than viewers would like to see.