The Move

The first move of my career was a long drive. I moved all of my stuff from Arlington, TX to Bozeman, Montana. It took three days of driving with my mom and I ( and Coco my pup )driving my car and my dad driving the big Uhaul with my whole life in it. I had never been to the state of Montana and didn't know what to expect other than pictures I saw online. I didn't know a single person who lived in Bozeman, but I was ready for the adventure and I wanted to start my career as a reporter. Once we were there we drove around the town to find my new apartment and take a look around. Then we began the torture process of unpacking. We had a couple days till I started my new job to get everything in some kind of order. I was super nervous for my first day of work, but it wasn't too bad in fact it was an easy day with my news director and another reporter showing me around. The only bad part was being overwhelmed by all the information that first week was mentally straining. The hardest part of that week was saying goodbye to my parents. It's hard being so many hours a part from them and moving into that transition of being an adult with a job. I'm just lucky they get the chance to come visit me once in a while.