Moving to Montana

After graduation I was excited and terrified at the same time. I had interned three days a week at my local Fayetteville station worked tirelessly at the campus station as an anchor and reporter and had made a full documentary by the end of my senior year. I had all the school reporting experience but now was the time to make the decision to go back to school or go into my career. My parents wanted me to go back to school but what I just couldn't wait to be out in the field. So I applied to many and I mean many stations from Christmas my senior year to after graduation. I was super fortunate to record my interviews and calls back but they didn't come right away. I didn't hear from anyone until a couple months after graduation. So I was in that limbo what to do. I even applied for grad school just in case and got into Syracuse's Journalism school. As soon as that happened that's when the interviews for jobs started coming in. One advice I can give a reporter after graduation is just to be patient and don't get discouraged. Everything usually works out in the end. Once I got the call backs I then had the hard decision of choosing where to go. That's where mentors and a lot of research goes a long way. There's three things to looK at when trying to figure out where to go.

One is the station and how you can grow from being at that station. My parents and I watched each station's night news to compare all of them. We wrote down what we liked and didn't like from each one. The second thing to look at is the offer. That includes pay, amount of opportunities, the and how I could grow from the experiences that I was being offered. We compared all of these as well weighing all my options. The third thing to look at is the area on where you could be living for the next year to two years. For me the area is important. I am a traveler and an adventurer at heart so I wanted to go somewhere different and to explore. For Bozeman I have a cute little town like Fayetteville, Arkansas. It has a cool downtown and is completely surrounded by mountains. And the mountain are beautiful. I have Yellowstone National Park in my back yard and two ski resorts Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Ski Report ( the largest ski resort in the US ) so there were many places near me that I could go adventure.

So recap you should look at:

-The station itself

-The offer/ contract

-The area

There's other small things to look at, but just know you may not get your dream job off the bat it's one of those careers where you have to move up one step at a time. I will say over and over again through college and from my mentors I heard the saying experience is everything in this job the more experience you can get the better. Id have to agree with them so far after learning so much in nine months.

The best advice I can give you is if you want to become a reporter be willing to go anywhere with an open mind because that may lead you to a great open door down the road.